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If I were to pin point exactly when and how I fell in love with photography, it was probably when I was about 13 years old watching America's Next Top Model. Mesmerized by the glam and the fashion, I became hooked on watching the photoshoot process and seeing the final images. I always thought that I wanted to become a model.  Later down the road I realized that being behind the camera, being the one taking the photos, that was the real fix for me. Portraits have become a huge part of my life and I love the role of being the connection between someones story and making it tangible. It's empowering being able to show women how beautiful they really are, and watch their confidence shine through.

portrait photography

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Maybe you're recently engaged to the love of your life or you know the time is coming soon, either way you have landed in the most perfect place. 

Wedding photography is a lot of things, but it primarily is an investment. After the lace gown is put away, the bouquet is laid to rest in a shadow box, the cake has been eaten and everyone has gone home, you want to be certain that you will never forget that night… the night that changed your life forever.


"Going into a photo shoot can be one of the most nerve wracking feelings. You’re the main focus and just hope to do your best and come out with great pictures. Working with Melissa made me grateful when going into any shoot I’ve had with all these emotions. Before anything happens she goes into full detail about why she chooses to shoot the way she does from the angles down to the time of day. Most importantly she made sure I was completely comfortable no matter what. When you look at her pictures you see beautiful shots and just hope yours will look like that too. Its not a difficult task because opening up feels easy. At the end of the shoot your working with a friend, and someone who genuinely cares about you and puts everything she can into her work."

- Marina montoya

 - Emma Stent

"I never imagined having the confidence to do a professional photo shoot. Being in college, I take pictures with my friends all of the time, but nothing as professional as my experience with Melissa. To say I was nervous in the beginning is an understatement! But those negative feelings soon dissipated, and the entire experience became natural and fun. Melissa made me feel beautiful, confident, and very much at ease. She showed a side of me that I never knew existed. I know that I not only would recommend Melissa, but I would use her for myself for all future events. Melissa, thank you for such an amazing experience, and thank you for beautiful results."  



marina montoya

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ashley zaremsky

west hills country club

Emma stent

New paltz, ny

new paltz, ny

ashley zaremsky

west hills country club

emma stent

new paltz ny

Marina montoya

New Paltz NY

PRetty in pink


jackson + sara

Carmel, CA Wedding

chelsey + tim

Monterey Wedding


Portrait sessions start at $185 and custom wall art galleries start at $575


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