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December 28, 2019

What to wear to your family portrait session 

Figuring out what to wear to your family photo session can be challenging when you start looking online or go into a store for ideas. It can be pretty overwhelming and i’ll often have clients say they’re bringing multiple outfits for me to look through when they come in.

While there is no right or wrong answer to the question of what to wear, there are particular materials that I find photograph really well in studio. I’ll explain a bit more in this blog post and provide a couple vision boards for inspiration.

My Current Favorites for babies:
Zara Baby Collection

First things first, keep it simple.

Studio Portraits - Hudson Valley Photographer
One of the things I love about studio portraits is the minimalist style of the surroundings keeps the focus of the pictures on you, your children and your family, not on the location. The same thing can be said for your clothing choice. Keeping your outfits simple helps create images that are about you and your family, not what you’re wearing. Simple clothing choices also help create classic and timeless images. Staying away from logos and patterns can help achieve this look. Even a teeny, tiny nike swoosh can really disrupt the composition of a portrait photograph.

In-Home Newborn Session - What to wear
One way to keep the look of your outfits simple is by choosing neutral tones that go well together. Having similar tones in your outfits will help balance the image. I prefer light earthy tones but I also think it’s nice to have a pop of color now and then. I actually recommend a pop of red for holiday photos for a more festive look. When you’re really not sure, just send me a quick picture of what you’re considering. If you do want to add some color, just remember that the color will pull attention in the photo. Because of this, I think dressing the kids in the colorful outfits and keeping the parents in neutrals works best.

Materials with texture photograph really well. Lace and tulle are so fun for mamas and baby girls while ribbed materials like a cardigan sweater works great for the guys. I like to tell clients to be mindful of their arm and chest areas while posing with a baby because it’s this area of the clothing that will make up a majority of the composition for closer shots of the baby. Dainty ruffled sleeves can create a masterpiece 🙂

Check out my inspiration boards on Pinterest below:


What to wear - family portraits
Be Yourself

Family Portraits - Hudson Valley Photographer
At the end of the day remember that these are YOUR photos, so it really only matters what you like! If you are a family that loves bright colors and loud patterns, then by all means, wear that!! Being comfortable and looking like yourself is one of the best ways to get great photos that you’ll cherish forever!

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