Senior Portraits

May 3, 2019

The more I shoot as a professional photographer, the more I realize what a small world it really is. I used to babysit Jillian & her brother many years ago, so when her mom reached out to me for portraits I was shocked to see the beautiful young woman she’s grown to be. Jillian’s one request was a few photos with her horse, which is the kind of request that makes me REALLY happy. I love animals, and any opportunity to hang out with them doing what I love is a win win. Jillian and her mom Annette, were so awesome. I’m always wondering to myself if my client’s will trust me when I ask them to stand/sit in a bush or random weeds… and she didn’t even pause haha. I told her to trust me and they both were amazed by how glowy and beautiful weeds can be! Most of the time, I see these golden little spots off the side of the road when I’m driving or when I show up to a location to shoot, I’m always eyeing the perimeter of the property for these perfect little spots. So Jillian is awesome and I’m so happy to reconnect after so many years.
I grew up in Pine Bush and graduated from PBHS in 2010 so when I shoot close to home, it’s a bit more special. I feel like many people would think, “Oh we have to go to the lake house or we should do our portrait session at this park..” But the truth is, I can create beautiful portraits almost ANYWHERE, and the more personal they are to the individual, the better they come out. My studio and apartment is on an old airport in Bloomingburg, and it’s slowly turning into a commercial property, but the photos I take down the run way by the tree line might be some of my best photos. If there’s one thing I could advise those considering a location for their portraits, it would be to first consider light, and then location comes second. If there isn’t beautiful diffused natural light, it won’t matter how awesome the location is.
senior portraits
senior portraits

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