Winter Wedding – Shady Acres

February 27, 2019

There’s something so incredibly luxurious and magical about Winter Weddings.  The smell of the crisp air before snowfall, there’s a true serenity to that.  With the right colors and florals, you end up with a whimsical winter wonderland that’s so much fun to photograph.  When I was approached to photograph an intimate winter wedding at Shady Acres in Otisville, New York, I was ecstatic.
The bride, Teresa, made it clear that she didn’t want this to be a big deal, and it didn’t need to be over the top.  I absolutely understood, especially because, as a couple, they weren’t even completely set on having a photographer present until her daughter insisted.  Only Teresa and Jon’s children and the officiants wife attended the ceremony.  Keeping the intimate setting in mind, I captured their wedding in a ‘documentary’ style and did my best to keep it simple.
I took advantage of an adorably rustic lit tree by the ceremony area to capture some bridal portraits, but was yearning for some of the incredible lighting outside.  I scoped out the area, but was nervous that it’d be difficult to find a great spot as the ground was a bit muddy and there weren’t many leaves on the trees.  After looking around, I found a great spot near a tree large enough to block the sun, and without muddy ground!
I ran inside and said, “Guys, there’s a great spot to shoot, but you’re going to have to stand in a bush… is that okay?”  I was grateful when they smiled and said, “Of Course!”
I’m so thankful that they put trust in me to photographing their wedding day, even if I had them stand in a bush! We ended up with incredible, timeless photos of them and their special day.  As we said our goodbyes, conversation led to our learning that Teresa and my mother have known each-other their entire lives. We had no idea! I think this personable connection made Teresa’s wedding so much more special.

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